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Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance(ISR)

The ISR Foundation Course for India is the entry level course for ISR. The course provides a baseline of ISR knowledge that will enable the graduate to contribute to understand ISR and contribute to ISR operations. The course has been designed specifically for the Indian context and will focus on specific mission sets and interest areas pertinent to the Indian market. The course will be of interest to anyone wishing to build an understanding of ISR, be that for commercial project management, environmental applications, career development in the military, police or other government agency or a procurement project.


The Aim -The aim of the ISR Foundation Course for India is to impart the skills and knowledge that will allow the graduate to understand the basics of ISR operations and be able to contribute to ISR activities. Specifically the ISR Foundation Course will cover the following aims: - Discuss the purpose and role of ISR in current operations - Introduce the ISR process - Introduce ISR capabilities - Develop understanding of Intelligence Requirements Management and Collection Management. - Discuss methods of ISR tasking - Discuss ISR Collection


Objectives- The objective of the course is to introduce the basics and concepts of ISR that will enable the graduate to effectively contribute to low level ISR operations. The course will endeavour to provide skills and knowledge that are transferable to various sectors within the Indian market, namely: - The Military - The Police Force (State and sub-state) - Environmental agencies - Commercial entities


Duration and Entry Standards- The course will last for 5 days

Entry Requirements Foundation Course for India Overview Reference- There is no entry requirement for this course.


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