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We provide services associated with Drone/UAV, HR, and OSINT.

Our collaboration with Israeli and other international drone companies aims at providing and teaching Next-Gen technology to our professionals and aspirants in this sector.

Our partnership with reputed organisations and our network of students leverage the high-end facilities required for a hands-on professional experience.

We invest our time in creating unique solutions pertaining to various OSINT investigation challenges faced by Government and Corporate sectors. Our approach is based on modern-day technologies.


In Post COVID19 era, the biggest challenge faced by the employee is job insecurity.

The pandemic has left a significant uncertainty in both employers & employees which resulted in different psychological disturbances among the employee.  

The pandemic has created a deep hole in the world's economy.

So in these toxic and precarious socio-economic conditions, the very old proverbs are still very significant i.e. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, TOUGH GETS GOING. 

EDCI is committed to providing the really tough employee (not physically) terms of their improved skills to face any challenges by joining hands with their employers. 

Our mission is to build such tough candidates so that they can move with the objectives of the country.

We are providing Recruitment and HR solutions to start-ups and other companies. ( HR/Admin policy, Various HR formats, Employability Skills, Entrepreneur Advisory, Career Guidance, CV on demand, Conduct of interview, etc.

We also provide courses associated with these challenges to enable professionals to visualize the problem through an enhanced spectrum.

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